Timing is everything


Marketers are often perplexed over the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to maximize customer engagement. Is it in the morning when many people check their Facebook page before they go to work? Is midday better because users look at their Twitter stream during lunch? Is evening best? Which days of the week generate the most engagement? And what about B2B versus B2C — are the dynamics different?

While these decisions often involve common sense and many of the techniques that stem from traditional media planning, here are some insights from an article, Timing Your Social Media:

  • Smart marketers post during the workday.
  • For B2B, Twitter engagement is consistently higher during the day on weekdays, with Monday and Tuesday being the highest.
  • B2C engagement is notably higher in the evenings and on weekends for Facebook, with Sunday being higher than Saturday.


While timing is important, it is even more important for companies to be strategic about social media by making sure the messaging is aligned with other marketing efforts. While it’s best to keep messages in-line with your creative platform, marketers have to be careful of not selling with their social activities. Regardless of where it is in our 24-hour news cycle, compelling content rules. It comes as no surprise that the best way to engage your target is to create enriching, interactive content that will interest them any time of day.