Founded in 1996, Bob Wolf Partners/TPG provides high level, strategic counsel to advertisers.We believe that a strong relationship between client and agency is one of the best ways to leverage the marketing budget. We proactively and confidentially assist advertisers and agencies address client-agency relationship issues by providing a comprehensive scope of professional consultancy services.We are a full-service firm with in-depth expertise and insight into the marketing communication services industry. We have both client and agency senior management experience, have built and run some of the best recognized agencies, have supervised some of the largest and most sophisticated accounts in the U.S., created some of America’s most famous advertising campaigns, managed media for the toughest clients and directed global advertising and media from the client side.Our recent joint venture with New York based Joanne Davis Consulting strengthens the firm’s offering with greater geographic coverage, proprietary client-agency relationship systems and expands the firm’s category and Fortune 100 experience.

Practice Areas:

  • Bob Wolf Partners/TPG offers counsel on agency screening and review, global and regional agency consolidation, media management evaluation, compensation analysis and structuring, including multi-agency collaboration.
  • The firm demystifies the increasingly fragmented media/agency landscape, showing clients new ways to effectively utilize social, event/sponsorship, digital, branding and many other (agency) resources.
  • The firm provides in-depth strategic counsel to marketers seeking to improve the effectiveness of their communications programs and to build/enhance their brand image.
  • The firm’s partners serve as interim Chief Marketing Officers for clients on an as-needed basis.
  • The firm provides litigation support to clients and law firms requiring expertise in the areas of marketing, advertising and/or media.

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